The SOLAR-JET project has explored solar-thermochemical redox cycles from 2011 to 2015, within this period the consortium has produced the world's first sample of solar thermochemical kerosene. The project website is now inactive and will not be updated.

Please visit the website of the successor project SUN-to-LIQUID for all important information.

Workplan outline

In order to achieve the objectives of SOLAR-JET the work is organised in 4 technical work packages. An additional work package is dedicated to the management of the project (WP5) and the dissemination as well as exploitation of the results is organised in WP6.


Work plan solar-jet fp7
Technological Potential (WP 1)

  • Assessment of the technological potential of solar kerosene.

Prototype Reactor and Experimental Demonstration (WP2)

  • Comprehensive solar chemical reactor modeling that couples heat and mass transfer to the chemical reactions for the optimization of the reactor geometry and estimation of the scale-up potential.
  • Optimized solar chemical reactor design for syngas production.
  • Testing in a solar simulator facility with a light source similar to the solar spectrum that affords experimentation under precisely-controlled, reproducible conditions.

Fuel Synthesis and Analysis (WP3)

  • Production of kerosene from water, carbon-dioxide and simulated concentration solar radiation
  • Analysis of produced syngas

Impact and Perspectives (WP 4)

  • Identification of further technology requirements and an initial assessment of the economic potential.

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